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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we are going to die. we are going to freeze. >> growing frustration from one of the many victims of hurricane sandy. relief efforts continue as the victim's battle dropping temperatures. glad you are starting your day with us. >> let's go right to the meteorologist with a look at our forecast. >> a couple of spots hovering near the freezing mark this morning.
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one of the coldest days we have had this season. it is going to be a carbon copy of what we saw the last few days with sunny periods and cloudy. . winds to the west southwest at 7 miles per hour. 37 at dulles. culpeper, 34 degrees. 41 in fredericksburg and 40 degrees in martinsburg. partly sunny and maybe a sprinkle later this morning. a good 10 degrees below average. i promise, more sunshine is in the seven-day forecast. i have to be a little patient but we will get there. we will head over to traffic with steve. >> good morning. we start with a look at the beltway, new hampshire ave. this is heading towards georgia
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ave. as you can see, it is not causing a backup right now. just so you know, as you leave college park heading west, way over to the left for a little while. we will head over to the map right now. a lot of road work on the virginia side of the beltway. several were zones south of northbound 295. the extremely light volume of traffic heading to springfield. a tour of the traffic was closed overnight for construction. it will gradually start to open during the course of this hour. it really looking good right now. fortunately, no accidents or incidents. >> we continue to follow the relief efforts in the aftermath of sandy. the death toll continues to grow. the storm being blamed for at
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least 90 deaths, including two young boys who were swept away in new york. >> the total economic damage has run as high as $50 billion. >> the death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. search teams found the bodies of two little boys who were torn from their mothers' arms in staten island when the storm hit. entire working class neighborhoods destroyed in some parts of new york. some feel they have been forgotten. >> we are going to die. we are going to freeze. >> fema is doing everything it can to help. >> we want to help get things back to normal as quickly as possible. schools open, stores open. >> in new jersey, emergency crews are going door-to-door searching for survivors where families have been surrounded by floodwater four days. natural gas fires continue to burn where homes were flattened. with millions still in the
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dark 64,000 utility workers in 12 states are working around- the-clock to turn the power on. >> you have got to pick through it. >> belli is back, thank you lord. >> at least three people in their cars and gas lines are growing. >> i got here at 9:59 a.m. and it is 1:00 in the afternoon. three hours. >> criticism that the marathon runners will be traveling through areas devastated by sandy. >> people from the d.c. area are getting ready to help out heading to areas hard hit by superstorm sandy. the red cross and the national capital region will send vehicles to wear there were 2 feet of snow. also helping out, virginia power crews getting ready to head to new jersey to help with power
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restoration. 1500 workers set to leave later this morning. more than 1 million homes and businesses still without power in the wake of sandy. >> a sign of progress for the first time since hurricane sandy. you will be able to take an amtrak train to the city. providing a modified service on the northeast corridor between boston and d.c. via new york. passengers should make reservations and use the e- ticketing option as the repairs continue. >> news in prince george's county. a bonds hearing for a police officer charged with attempted murder. >> johnnie riley shot a suspect in the back as he was handcuffed and running away. more on the developing case. >> this is district heights police officer john reilly's mug shot. he tripped -- he turned himself into authorities after being charged with killing a fleeing
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suspect. >> in this case, we are not surprised by the indictment. it has been widely reported that mr. kyle was handcuffed and had been searched and was unarmed at the time of the shooting. >> sgt riley pulled kyle over on the suspicion of riding a stolen motorcycle back in september. kyle has an extensive arrest record and he was cuffed and put in a police cruiser. he somehow managed to get away. that is when riley fired three times, hitting kyle twice in the back. a witness who did not want to be identified talked with abc7 news at the time of the incident. >> he chased him and then pulled out his gun and shot him three times. >> according to kyle's attorney he is aware of the indictment. kyle spent weeks in the hospital and started the arduous process
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of physical therapy. >> he is doing intensive rehab and trying to adjust to his new reality. obviously, a devastating injury. >> in the meantime, a suspended prince george's county will not be allowed to rejoin the assembly as she had hoped. a lawyer for the general assembly says she considered her permanently removed from office. she was sentenced for misconduct in office and convicted of stealing money from the general assembly to pay an employee of the law firm. she struck a deal to settle charges that sheet used campaign money to pay for her own wedding expenses. >> a man wanted for a series of pipe bomb untaxed is in custody. laurence stewart was arrested in montana. he was suspected of bombing three homes in fredericksburg and stafford county. stewart was trying to kill an ex-girlfriend who accused him of
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domestic violence and the officers who arrested him. >> we do not have to worry about our children in the neighborhood. >> authorities say stewart threw pipe bombs at officers who were chasing him. not sure how long it will take to extradite him to virginia where he will face attempted murder and other charges. >> president and obama -- president obama and mitt romney making a final push. president obama focused his closing argument on bringing about change while mitt romney countered that argument. >> i know what change looks like because i fought for it. you have, too. after all we have been through together we cannot give up now. >> america finally needs real change. as promised, we are going to give it to the american people. >> michael bloomberg endorsed president obama, saying hurricane sandy reshape his
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thinking and that the president will take action on climate change. if the commander-in-chief will visit virginia on saturday. a closing case to voters in swing states. dave matthews will be at the event. >> and bruce springsteen introducing president obama on monday as he kicks off the last day of his campaign in madison wisconsin. the men traveled together to columbus, ohio. they will meet up with jay-z for another event. president obama will return to his home city of chicago, where he will be on election day. >> can we get jay-z and bruce springsteen to do something together? >> that would be nice. tell us about the issues around the d.c. area. we will have all the details on our web site. time now -- 43 degrees out there. >> we are approaching another weekend. that means track work on the
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>> we made it through the week. happy friday, everybody. the weekend it not looking too bad. we will finally see a little bit of sunshine. today, dealing with a mixed bag of weather. drier air is moving in.
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at the same time, a little disturbance in the upper atmosphere. that will bring in a little bit of what weather in parts of pennsylvania and west virginia. we will see periods of clouds and periods of son with a chance of rain. here is the temperatures across the region. it is cold this morning. you can see your breath out there, for sure. 42 degrees at reagan national. a little warmer in the city and as you head toward the bay. our forecast for today -- partly sunny skies and a sprinkle will be possible. we will have some sun and some clouds. temperatures still below average. a high of 56 degrees for today. tonight, we will drop down in the 30's once again. this weekend, we all get an extra hour. go ahead and stay up late tonight and party again. temperatures staying in the
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50's. looking good around election day with a high of around 50 degrees and a good weather. >> we are taking a look at 395 duke st.. it looks like they're open at springfield. we will see that in a second. we will head over to the beltway to take a look at the traffic. new hampshire avenue, a little movement there. not much more until that is completely out of the way. in the meantime, getting rid of roadwork. looking very good. over to the springfield interchange. traffic now entering the hov lanes on 95. they are starting to open them up. back to you. >> thanks so much. it is 4:14 riogh -- right now.
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changes to the traffic camera program. drivers say the fines are too expensive. they will address concerns about the fairness of fines while ensuring public safety. you will want to leave yourself extra time if you plan on using metro to get around this weekend. >> orange line trains will -- will not be running between foggy bottom and courthouse. blue line trains will not be running between foggy bottom and pentagon. there will be shuttle buses available. redline trains will single track. no word on the green or yellow lines. this friday morning is 42 degrees. >> still to come, new problems for the governor as he deals with
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>> trouble for the governor. police said suspects stole two televisions from his virginia beach homes between saturday and monday. investigators think these were random crimes and burglars did not target the mcdonnell properties. >> prosecutors recommending a six-day sentence for kwame brown. brown pleaded guilty in june to bank fraud and misdemeanor campaign violations. prosecutors now recommending six days of incarceration which would be served on weekends, followed by three years of supervised release. >> seems a little unfair. you would think he should get more for that. >> kwame has been punished quite a lot. >> brown's lawyer says he will ask the judge to cut the probation from three years down
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to two years. sentencing is set for november 13. >> the man leading penn state will be here, in the nation's capital, today. he will speak to the national press club just one day after his predecessor was charged with helping to cover up sexual abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. sandusky was convicted in june of abusing 10 boys over a 15- year period. he is serving his sentence at a maximum security prison. >> 43 degrees outside. >> still to come, highlights from country music's biggest night.
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>> happy friday. do not worry, we made it thru sandy, the colt -- the quarter -- the cold weather, the river flooding. today's forecast is kind of tricky. a couple of different things we are watching in the atmosphere. look at this dry air that is trying to move in. a little bit of sunshine coming in today. at the same time, a disturbance in the upper atmosphere. this morning, that could squeeze out a shower and bring out some more clouds. we will be back and forth. for the most part, we are cool, especially in areas with pockets
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of clear skies. temperatures down near the freezing mark. look at elmwood, virginia. stafford also at 32 degrees. 35 degrees in chantilly. you get into the district, it is 42 degrees. closer to the bay, with the warmer water, temperatures are in the lower 40's. if you can see the temperatures for tonight. we will get near the freezing mark again. tomorrow morning, the seven-day looking pretty good in terms of drier weather. we will be below the average. that is your forecast. let's check in on traffic. >> we will start with a look at the 14th street bridge. heading into the district and across the freeway, moving very smoothly. over to maryland right now.
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frederick county into montgomery county moving smoothly right now. as you make your way between virginia and maryland, no problems there. let's take a look at springfield. things moving nicely as you head north on i-95. hov lanes moving up all the way up to the 14th street bridge. the overnight work is wrapped up. back to you. >> big night last night. some of country's biggest ours went home with some major hardware. >> who won at the country music awards. >> the parade of fashion and glitter on the red carpet open up the most memorable night of country music with gangnam style. and a threat to take away willie nelson's new honor trophy. >> it appears there have been some doping charges.
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>> note charges for little big town. the band was served with biggest single of the year. >> the only thing we want to do was make music for y'all. song of the year when to miranda lambert. >> so emotional. thank you. >> little big town was the best vocal group. blake shelton was the male vocalist of the year. album of the year honors went to eric church, one of many stars popping up on the national stage, including taylor swift with a debut song. ♪ >> a few host address changes later, time for the final award of the it evening. >> and the cma award for entertainer of the year is -- blake shelton!
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>> country music has changed the lot over the years. the one thing that remains constant -- brad paisley and carrie underwood. it is the duo's fifth year hosting the award show. >> and miranda lambert and blake shelton do not need to argue about their trophies because they each got one. it worked out well. it is chilly, 42 degrees this friday morning. >> still to come, house and
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